Rita Justesen

– Rita Justesen has been Architect/Chief Consultant at the City of Copenhagen for almost 20 years and has been in charge of many district plans and development processes. She has also initiated many of the large-scale projects involved in the transformation of Copenhagen: particularly in relation to the waterfront.

– Planning & Architecture is implementing the development of a new town, Ørestad, close to Copenhagen airport, covering an area of 3 million m2, and the redevelopment of Nordhavn, a 200-hectare harbor area, with another 3 million m2.

– Nordhavn will be transformed into an integrated urban district made up of a number of overbuilt islets, separated by basins and canals, housing 40,000 inhabitants and creating the same number of jobs.

– The companies declared objective is to realize development projects and guarantee the desired quality in city districts, public spaces and buildings.

– Rita Justesens areas of responsibility range from the development of long-term strategies and overall structures for entire urban areas to precise master plans and urban projects.

– The company also has an approval procedure for all building projects, which leads to control of architectural quality and the interaction between building and context.

– Rita Justesen is the author of several articles on the development of Copenhagen and has given public lectures all over the world.