The Papelera Zorrotzaurre building will house the program of activities of BIA for citizenship

The Papelera Zorrotzaurre building will house the program of activities of BIA for citizenship

BIA Forum 2016 is more than a singular conference on urban regeneration that will take place in Bilbao during the next two weeks. The delegation of Architects Official College of Bizkaia wants to involve all citizens in this forum. All the interested people will enjoy, in the Papelera Zorrotzaurre building, with a large number of activities, some free and others at popular prices.

The Papelera industrial building is a rehabilitated patrimony by Bilbao Ekintza, located in the (still) Zorrotzaurre peninsula. There BIA activities aimed at the general public will be developed. It is a space of undeniable architectural value, a jewel of architectural heritage of Bilbao, unknown by most.

The Papelera building will be open from 8 until July 15, continuously from 10 to 20 hours. The space will open on day 8 with a lecture by Zaloa Mayor, a partner from the study of architect Rafael de la Hoz. There will also an exhibition of the winners of the International Competition for the rehabilitation of the Ribera de Elorrieta, and everybody will be able to see and vote on the finalists of the contest FotoBIA photographs.

On 11 and 12 July there will be workshops for children, called “Glimpses of plastic, a reflection of neighborhood”. Participants, starting from recycled materials and with the guidance of monitors, will made a collective creation that brings a new reading of the neighborhood.


There will also be sessions acoustic music and DJs the nights of 13 and 14 July, from 20 hours. These concerts, open to the public, will be performed by musical groups composed of architects. Specifically, the session of day 14 will be lead by the local music heros Txakartegi Deu and Willy Vanilli, WAS (formerly We Are Standard).

To access from the center of Bilbao to the Papelera building, the organization will provide a free Gasolino that in the afternoon (from 16.30 to 19.30) will connect Uribitarte’s pier and Deusto’s waterfront.

Also, from the 8th, there will be ship-river rides for know better the industrial architecture of the Ria de Bilbao. These trips will depart from the Maritime Museum. Tickets can be purchased at reduced prices in the Papelera building.



Adventurers who want a different view of the estuary can sign up for guided cruises on Stand Up Paddle. Thanks to the perspective offered by these boats, the particpants will observe the wide variety of urban landscapes present and reflect on the future landscape to develop urban models. This activity will start from the Papelera building days 9 and 10, at 11 hours and 16.30 hours.

El Consorcio de Aguas will offer, during the days of the Forum BIA, visits to the University’s Siphon . The tour starts in the main building, which is located at street level in Botica Vieja, and ends on the other side of the estuary.