Idea Competition

“A new civic development in Langaran-Otxarkoaga Street, Bilbao”

International Idea Competition for students and young architects

BIA Urban Regeneration Forum 2018 has announced the III International Idea Competition for students and young architects, encouraging urban regeneration from a social point of view.

Under the title “A new civic development for Langaran-Otxarkoaga Street, Bilbao: the transformation of consolidated buildings”, the contest proposes working on the various existing buildings to house new facilities or new forms of housing for a new social fabric in which residential and productive activities can coexist and become compatible.

Application deadline: Until 00.00 hours on 12/06/2018 send email to with


  • BIA Award: 3.000 euros
  • Two second prizes: 1.500 euros, respectivamente
  • BIA Network Award to the proposal voted by internet users.

Download rules:
All the documents for the contest can be found on the:
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