Conference Programme

BIA Urban Regeneration Forum / Bilbao 2016

New Visions on Waterfronts

BIA Urban Regeneration Forum / Bilbao 2016 Programme
The II BIA Urban Regeneration Forum is turning the spotlight on waterfronts in the urban setting. One of the major transformations that our cities are experiencing involves waterfronts.
Strategically located land becoming available, which had been home to industry, infrastructures or port facilities that have seen their useful life end, has provided new approaches to urban regeneration. They are often extensive areas that are complex and not free from conflict, whose transformation involves processes that drag on for decades. The occupancy easements that extend beyond the useful life of the installations themselves, the presence of sometimes toxic industrial waste, the need for alternative port or industrial land, involve huge investments and turn these areas located at the very heart of the city into real challenges for urban regeneration.
Continuing on from the previous forum, we question the role those waterfronts play in the naturalisation of the city. Urban waterfronts are usually land artificially reclaimed from the water. We have taken as given the intensification of the occupancy in its recovery. What are the alternatives? Is it fitting to allow the natural to take over by means of the retreat of the urbanised area? What advantages can it yield in terms of environmental quality and flood safety?
BIA2 seeks to analyse how to undertake these transformations and substantiate, by means of discussion and the description of other experiences, and the keys to successfully address challenges that are still outstanding in our cities. Which innovation components must be incorporated? The forum, which will be held in Bilbao on 13, 14 and 15 July, seeks to address this theme by means of a programme of events and different activities that are set out below:
Pre-Conference Session / Bordeaux_Bilbao
A session to reflect on and discuss the experience and the new scenarios to be found in the cities of Bordeaux and Bilbao will be held as a pre-conference event.

From the perspective of regenerating the waterfront, the city of Bordeaux has successfully taken on the new socio-economic context of the port-city relation, not only to reach out to the Garonne and embrace it, but also to recover its riverfront and generate an urban transformation process. The great similarity between Bilbao and Bordeaux in terms of urban regeneration, with a clear commitment to revitalizing the urban waterfront in both cases, along with the similarity in their physical setting, with a metropolitan river axis that divides and unites the banks of both cities, mean that Bordeaux is the best option to allow an urban parallel with Bilbao.

Leading representatives with experience in this type of actions focused on water will be present at the session, which will be held in the conference hall at the Iberdrola Tower on the afternoon of 13 July.

Date and venue of the event: 13 July, Iberdrola Tower Conference Hall.

A scientific conference on New visions on waterfronts is being organised. That event will be held at the Bizkaia Aretoa (UPV/EHU Main Auditorium) building and the headquarters of the Delegation of the Official Basque-Navarre Architects Association on 14 and 15 July. The conference programme will include keynote lecturers by leading authorities in the subject, and papers by authors selected by the Scientific Committee. There will also be time for discussion and round tables on the main theme.

Date and venue of the event: 14 and 15 July, Bizkaia Aretoa (UPV/EHU Main Auditorium) building and the headquarters of the Delegation of the Official Basque-Navarre Architects Association.

A gala will be held in the Iberdrola Tower as the BIA award ceremony which will be awarded in two categories this year:
On the one hand, an award will be presented to a well-known architect that has contributed to the transformation of Bilbao focusing on the spaces related to the river estuary.

Another award will also given to a city as a model of best practices in urban generation in the sphere of the theme of the event.

Date and venue of the event: 15 July, Iberdrola Tower.

Urban Development and Architecture Exhibition
An exhibition on urban development and architecture will be held in the Metro Bilbao stations in the Ensanche district and Old Town of Bilbao. The theme will be the showcasing of the urban development and architecture projects implemented in the sphere of the Bilbao river estuary during the last three decades. It will subsequently become a travelling exhibition over the following months and will be taken to other locations of interest in the territory.

Date and venue of the event: Last quarter of 2016 (to be established), Metro Bilbao Stations.

The Paper Mill building, located in the Zorrotzaurre area, will be fitted out as a centres for activities related to the BIA Urban Regeneration Forum during the event, as well as a leisure and short-live space to be visited and rediscovered by the general public. Among other activities, it will host the exhibition of the selected entries for the International Ideas Contest for Architecture Students and Young Architects and the holding of the Workshop.

Date and venue of the event: 5-15 July, BIA Space_Paper Mill Building.

Architecture Routes
Guided tours will be scheduled and will fundamentally be based around the river and the operations undertaken to achieve its transformation and that of the city. The tours will be boat trips and will cover the section between Abandoibarra and the Abra, and will include a specialist guide who will explain the most important aspects of the route.

Date and venue of the event: 11-15 July, Bilbao River Estuary.

A workshop will be run for students in the final years of the architecture degree and recently qualified architects and they will receive the relevant academic recognition. The work will be on an area linked to the Bilbao river estuary.

Date and venue of the event: 5-13 July, BIA Space_Paper Mill Building.

International Ideas Contest for Architecture Students and Young Architects
The II International Ideas Contest for students and young architects to promote the urban transformation and regeneration of the consolidated city has been launched. The aim of the Ideas Contest is to focus on urban planning and the design of public space of a zone located on the Elorrieta waterfront in Bilbao, between the Metro underground tracks and Bilbao river estuary. The designs selected by the official jury will be on show to the general public during the first fortnight of July at the BIA Space_Paper Mill Building.

Contest dates: May-June 2016

Children’s Workshops
Children will have their own space within the activities programme and workshops will therefore be held for children of different ages. The activity will be held at the BIA Space_Paper Mill Building and the material generated will be exhibited for the general public at the venue.

Date and venue of the event: 8-10 July, BIA Space_Paper Mill Building.