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[BIA Urban Regeneration Forum Congress “New visions on waterfronts”]

The congress will take place in Bilbao, on 14 and 15 July 2016, as a parallel event to the BIA Urban Regeneration Forum.

The conference will be hosted by BIA, a platform of the Official Chamber of Basque Navarre Architects in Biscay, with the collaboration of the UPV/EHU University of Basque Country, the UNAV University of Navarre, the Universidad de Deusto.

The BIA Urban Regeration Forum Congress will feature guest keynote speakers, scheduled in addition to nine thematic sessions, as well as a parallel program of social and cultural events.

[BIA Urban Regeneration Forum Congress SCIENTIFIC COMMITEE]

Mr. Miguel Ángel Alonso del Val

Mr. Juan José Arrizabalaga Echeberría

Mr. Fernando Bajo Martínez de Murguía

Mr. Rinio Bruttomesso

Mr. Joseba Juaristi Linacero

Mr. Jon Joseba Leonardo Aurtenetxe

Mr. José Ignacio Lorente Bilbao

Mrs. Olatz Ocerin Ibáñez

Mrs. Arantxa Quintana San Vicente

Mr. Javier Quintana de Uña

Mrs. Laura Rives Navarro

Mr. Asier Santas Torres

Mrs. Maider Uriarte Idiazabal


> Opportunities for the (re)Construction of the Identity
Analysis tools for a effective identification of the specific characteristics on each site; typology and symbology; key questions to analyse the subjacent elements that build identity; some experiences.

> Reuse / Heritage integration
Diagnosis and assessment of obsolete structures; reuse strategies; good practices in integrating heritage in regenerated areas; contribution of obsolescence elements to the regeneration of waterfronts.

> Programme / from Vacancy to Revitalization
Actions to contribute to the revitalization of the regeneration process; the role of temporary occupation in the process of revitalization; methodologies for collective involvement in the definition of the program; the role of programming in the urban integration of the waterfront.

> Governance and leadership
New management models; opportunities and challenges for developing creative regeneration of waterfronts; methodologies for the integration of citizen initiatives.

> Sociological components of regeneration
The role of the regeneration of waterfronts in social cohesion; components of social innovation to improve the integration of the renovated areas into the urban structure; definition of objective parameters to ensure equity in regenerated areas.

> Naturalization / the landscape element in waterfronts.
The natural aspects as tools for promoting integration and sense of belonging; the contribution of green aspects to improve environmental quality, efficient consumption of resources and protection.

> Agenda and new technologies
New technologies applied in the regeneration of waterfronts. New technologies applied in the use, management and water reuse. Good practices in the integration of natural and technological devices to protect against floods and other natural disasters. Agenda and trends in the responsible use of water.


Proposals should relate to the topics outlined above.
Authors may submit only one paper per session topic. The same paper may not be submitted to multiple topics. An author can present no more than two papers.

Paper submissions must report on recently completed work and must be written in English. BIA Urban Regeneration Forum Congress welcomes papers from all circumstances, practitioners, planning officials, researches and academics. However, to enable the reviewers to make a reasonable assessment of the appropriateness of the proposed paper for the specific Congress, the proposal should include the following components:

>A brief description of the “problem”: the project, proposition or research question that is the subject of the paper.

>Background: basis in theory, policy framework, governance context, economic conditions for the project.

>Reference to two or more scholarly or official works, locating the research question or project in a specific discipline, intellectual tradition or planning context
>A brief indication of the methods used in carrying out the work described in the paper.

>An outline of the principal results, outcomes, findings and lessons.

Submissions should be no longer than 2600 words (not including footnotes, captions and bibliography).


Each proposed paper will be reviewed anonymously by two members of the Scientific Committee. A number as the author’s ID is assigned automatically when the paper is submitted so the author is not otherwise identified.

Once the paper is reviewed the author will be notify whether the proposed paper is accepted or rejected, and whether any revisions are suggested or required.


Authors whose papers have been accepted for presentation are required to register on time for the BIA Urban Regeneration Forum Congress, to submit a full reviewed paper and attend. Accepted authors will be required to complete a copyright transfer form and agree to present paper at the BIA Urban Regeneration Forum Congress before it is published in the Proceedings.

The accepted papers for the topic sessions and other selected papers will be published in an electronic document (with ISBN) distributed at the Congress on CD or USB drive and on the BIA Urban Regeneration Forum website. They also may be published in a monographic printed edition.

Each session will have a moderator, normally the topic chair. Session moderators will notify authors in advance of session guidelines as well as the general expectations for the session. Moderators reserve the right to withhold a paper from the program if the author has refused to comply with those guidelines. Failure to comply with the conference deadlines or with a moderator’s request for materials in advance may result in an author being dropped from the program, even though his or her name may appear in the program book.

In the event of insufficient participation regarding to a particular session topic, the conference co-chairs reserve the right to revise the conference schedule accordingly.


The deadline for submitting a paper to a session for the BIA Congress is June 3, 2016.

Authors will submit papers through the BIA Urban Regeneration Forum online interface. When submitting your paper, you will be guided with the Web interface through the following steps:

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20 APRIL 2016 Call for Papers Announced
20 APRIL 2016 Paper submission site opens
10 JUNE 2016 Paper submission deadline
21 JUNE 2016 Accept/reject notifications sent to authors w/comments
04 JULY 2016 Final revised papers + copyright forms due
04 JULY 2016 Conference registration deadline for paper presenters