BIA Exhibition

100 years of Viviendas Municipales-Etxebizitzak

In a shift from previous years, the aim is to bring the BIA Exhibition 2018 more to the fore. A clear goal has therefore been set: to create a leading exhibition area and achieve a greater impact at grassroots level. The exhibition is being run jointly with Municipales-Etxebizitzak from October onwards.

“one cannot look at the past from a present perspective”

Beyond being a retrospective of Viviendas Municipales-Etxebizitzak (the Bilbao city council social housing authority) as an entity and its housing policies, the exhibition seeks to show the visitors the relevance of those policies in their context from different aspects:

  • The relationship with the historical context in which they occurred (locally and the major global historical landmarks of the last 100 years)
  • The architecture and urban planning of the time, fundamentally, in the European context (apart from reflecting the design and construction of the main buildings and urban complexes of Bilbao itself)
  • The evolution of the ground-breaking residential projects, which have set the way to design the residential unit, etc

The exhibition system is based on a timeline, that due to its scope, quantitatively (a century of history) and qualitatively (for the fields to be reflected and the existing content on them), will be the exhibition’s leitmotif.

In short, the aim is not only to focus the exhibition on the usual displaying of the project, but rather on contextualising its impact at the time, and the journey in each case. There are also the testimonials of their users

Technical team and specialist associates

COAVN has, due to its idiosyncrasy, a broad technical team of qualified architects to organise the exhibition. However, a technical team of curators has been tasked with coordinating the exhibition and which will guarantee its viability and which is organised as follows:

Coordinator-supervisor: Javier Martínez Callejo, PhD in Urban Planning Architecture..
Organisation: Iratxe Marián Lavesa, Pilar Saiz Coria, Lander Parra Eizagaechebarria.

Interiores en Solokoetxe (1920-41).