Urban Regeneration Forum

  • The transformation of and urban regeneration in Bilbao has positioned the town as a point of reference at international level, with a number of honours and awards. This translates into a constant flow of visitors who want to find out at first-hand how these solutions have evolved for Bilbao
  • The architecture is an end result of proper management of urban regeneration. BIA Urban Regeneration Forum will serve as a point of reference for highlighting the industrial framework that has made these solutions possible
  • Bilbao’s urban solutions are the main feature in the city’s transformation.
  • The Bilbao brand is associated with the word architecture, and it comes to the mind of visitors almost immediately. In the same way as metallurgy or ship building in the past, “Bilbao”, and therefore Bizkaia, is associated with “architecture”.
  • In a situation of crisis like the current one, with few possibilities to make new interventions of urban transformation, you run the risk of stagnation in a regeneration that has already been carried out. We should offer the next “update” of that regeneration, through the knowledge industry.

What is the BIA Urban Regeneration Forum?

It is a stage for international debate that has cutting edge architecture and urban planning as its focus. Using Bilbao as a backdrop for this architecture and urban regeneration, it is intended to be a week-long event that focuses on the consolidated urban regeneration in the city.

BIA Urban Regeneration Forum  wants to be a meeting point for bringing together proposals that promote flexibility aimed at generating creative connections. A dialogue between all of the stakeholders involved in urban matters to share the key factors for regeneration in order to make good use of resources, innovation in programming, design, construction, management and maintenance of the city, with the aim of achieving a sustainable balance.

BIA Urban Regeneration Forum is committed to gathering findings on exportable experiences, sharing knowledge and moving forward with solutions to the challenge of inspiring healthier cities. With a clear objective of continuity, it is proposing a programme of activities that include:

  • International Scientific Conference

    Conferences categorised at different levels, aimed at the professional and academic world.

  • BIA Award: “Bilbao Bizkaia Architecture” Award

    An award that seeks to reward those individuals who have contributed to the development of Bizkaia society through architecture and urban regeneration.

  • Other activities

    Among the initiatives included in the forum, BIA will also promote citizen participation through exhibitions and different activities aimed at the public to enhance the urban heritage of the area, thus promoting citizen participation.