Nuevos escenarios en torno al agua_New visions on waterfronts

Opportunities for the (re)Construction of Identity

Analysis tools to identify the inherent characteristics of each specific context: typology and symbology; essential questions to analyse the underlying issues that construct the identity; accounts of specific experiences.

Reuse / Integration of the Heritage

Diagnosis and assessment of obsolete structure; reuse strategies; good practices in integrating the heritage in regenerated fabrics; contribution of elements of the past to regenerating waterfronts.

Programming / from (un)Occupancy to Revival

Actions to contribute to the energising of the regeneration role; the role of temporary occupancy in the revival processes; methodologies for the collective involvement in defining the programme; the role of programming the waterfront in urban integration.

Governance and leadership

New management models; opportunities and challenges for creative development of the regeneration of waterfronts; methodologies to integrate grassroots initiatives.

Sociological components of regeneration

The role of waterfront regeneration in social cohesion; social innovation components to improve the integration of the renewed areas in the urban complex; definition of target parameters to guarantee equity in regenerated areas.

Naturalisation / the landscape component of waterfronts.

The natural as an integration tool and to foster the feeling of belonging; the natural as a tool to improve the environmental quality, of efficiency in the consumption of resources and protection.

Agenda and New Technologies

New technologies applied to the regeneration of waterfronts. New technologies applied to the use, management and reuse of water. Good practices in integrating technological and natural mechanisms to protect against flooding and other catastrophes. Agenda and trends in the responsible use of water.