Sewing Up Olabeaga

Workshop on town planning and urban regeneration

19/20/22/23 September 2014

Former train station of Naja », Bilbao
Organised by: BIA Urban Regeneration Forum, ETSASS, ETSAN


Registration free until 15 september
Places limited
More information at or
946 07 74 61


  • Free and intended for students of architecture and recent graduates (no more than 2 years).
  • All expenses for material (access to Internet, electricity, consumable items) will be covered by BIA Urban Regeneration Forum.
  • Tickets to the scientific conference on 25 and 26 will be available to students, as a gift from the BIA organisation.
  • Places limited.
  • Attending and tutoring the workshop will be prestigious architects and professionals from Spain and abroad.
  • It is proposed that students work in the same space, hand in hand, to promote participation and sharing of ideas.
  • Newly qualified architects are required to send a covering letter explaining their interest in participating in the workshop together with their CV to
  • Each student must provide their own technological material (laptops, photographic cameras, etc.)


Nuria Arrizabalaga
The architect Nuria Arrizabalaga trains in the ESTA (Higher Technical College of Architecture) in Barcelona, has been working in partnership with Carlos Arrizabalaga since 1992. More outstanding among her projects is the house in Bolunaga Errota, in Barinaga, Markina – Xemein (Biscay), COAVN Awards for Architecture 2003, as well as the design of the seventh bridge over the Urumea River, 12 officially protected affodable homes in Zaldibar and the Monastery of the Sacred Family of Carmelite nuns Carmelitas Descalzas in Hondarribia.

Marta Gonzalez Cavia and Jorge Cabrera
Marta Gonzalez Cavia and Jorge Cabrera, of the partnership G&C Arquitectos together with Martin Gonzalez Cavia, boast unique works most notably in the area of buildings, The Old People’s Residence in Berango, the BakeEder plot of the BiscayTIK building in Getxo, the Civic Centre of Cazoña in Santander and the Enkartegi in Orduña. In the field of landscaping and urban design worth particular mention is Zelaieta Park, Herriko Square in Amorebieta Etxano and Atalaia Square in Armintza, or the design of the green spaces in the Mixed Area of Zorrotzaurre in Bilbao.


Franc Fernández
Teacher at ETSAV (Higher Technical College of Architecture of Valles) since 1983, has been visiting teacher at numerous schools of architecture throughout the world (Italy, Switzerland, Ecuador, Cuba, Argentina) and has signed projects of great importance such as the Swimming Pools Bernat Picornell or the Contemporary Art Centre of Huarte.

Alfonso Gómez Raby
Architect and landscape artist, teacher at the Faculty of Architecture, Art and Design in the University Diego Portales (Chile).

Mikel Ocio Endaya
Architect trained at ETSAB (Higher Technical College of Architecture of Barcelona) and Town Planning Director at the Town Hall of Bilbao since 2011.

Fernando Bayón Martón
Doctor of Philosophy (2002) from the University of Deusto. Researcher and member of the Institute of Leisure Studies of the University of Deusto.