BIA Bilbao Bizkaia Architecture is a platform for disseminating and promoting Bizkaia architecture emerging from the Bizkaia Delegation of the Basque-Navarra Professional Association of Architects (COAVN). It brings together the expertise of large companies, small studios and independent professionals in the sector with a high exportable value. Its promoters, who are interested in internationalisation and participants in the global development of the profession, have committed to the concept of exchange.


BIA was created to:

  • Bring together experiences.
  • Promote the leading figures in Bizkaia architecture internationally.
  • Generate ties and synergies between all of the agents linked to Bizkaia architecture.
  • Create an open forum for discussion and constructive debate.
  • Organise and promote actions of various kinds.
  • Raise architecture to an indisputably important place, with architects as the key players in realising this.

Where and how did BIA come into being?

Bilbao has had a history of being ground-breaking from its very foundation. Today, “Bilbao” is a synonym for quality architecture and urban renewal. At the same time, professionals working in the field of architecture in Bilbao and Bizkaia are acquiring new skills and the creation of knowledge is on the increase.

2013 saw the 20th anniversary of a meeting of great interest organised by Bilbao Ria 2000 in 1993 at the Museum of Fine Arts, called “Arquitecturas para Bilbao” (Architecture for Bilbao). Architects such as Norman Foster, Frank O. Gehry, César Pelli, Roberto Ercilla and Miguel Ángel Campo presented and explained their projects. It seems fitting that, almost a quarter of a century later, an event will be held to reap the rewards from the seeds that were sown in 1993.

We propose associating the transformation and entrepreneurial spirit of Bilbao and Bizkaia and its international dimension with the strategic sector of construction, and demonstrate the very high quality of the corporate world of professional services in the sector in Bizkaia (architectural offices, technology centres, engineering, building materials companies, etc.).

Last autumn, the Bizkaia Delegation of the Basque-Navarra Official College of Architects introduced the creation of a platform to serve as a showcase for its architecture. Months before, a working group from the Committee on Culture within the delegation had defined the guidelines for what this project should mean.