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BIA2 Waterfronts presentation

“The architect is the unquestionable professional accredited to address and meet the challenges of the contemporary city. Quality, integration, participation, communication, inclusion, security, public leadership, responsibility, adaptation, stability and sustainability.”

Matxalen Acasuso, dean COAVN

“We do not propose a three-day conference. It is a forum for a month that will have multiple activities. Similar but with different features of proposals offered in the first edition of BIA.”

Jesus Cañada, president of the deleación in Bizkaia COAVN


The second edition of the BIA Urban Regeneration Forum focuses on urban water scenarios. One of the on going main transformations of our cities is the waterfront redevelopment.

The expiration of the lifetime of harbour and industrial facilities leaves strategic areas for urban redevelopment and opens new perspectives onto urban regeneration. The new vacant areas are usually large, complex and filled with conflict. The transformation of this liberated soil requires processes over decades. Long term leases, the presence of toxic waste, the need of alternative port and industrial areas lead to the need of large investments and convert these urban core areas into true challenge for urban regeneration.

As a continuation of the previous edition, we wonder what role do these scenarios of water play in the naturalization of the city. Usually urban waterfronts are artificial sites gained to watercourses. When the redevelopment is undertaken, usually the intensification of the occupation is assumed. What are the alternatives? Is it possible the land assign to nature by retreat of the urbanized surface? What are the advantages to be gained in terms of environmental quality and safety against flooding?

Lord Foster receives inaugural BIA Award in Bilbao

Lord Foster will be presented with the first BIA (Bilbao Bizkaia Architecture) Award for his contribution to Bilbao’s urban regeneration at an event in the Guggenheim Museum this evening. The biennial award recognises individuals who have contributed to the development of Bizkaia’s society through architecture and urban regeneration.

The BIA is supported by Bilbao City Council and was set up by the Bizkaia Delegation of the Basque-Navarre Institute of Architects (COAVN) and its newly formed organization, Bilbao Bizkaia Architecture (BIA).


The Papelera Zorrotzaurre building will house the program of activities of BIA for citizenship

BIA Forum 2016 is more than a singular conference on urban regeneration that will take place in Bilbao during the next two weeks. The delegation of Architects Official College of Bizkaia wants to involve all citizens in this forum. All the interested people will enjoy, in the Papelera Zorrotzaurre building, with a large number of activities, some free and others at popular prices.

César Pelli will be awarded next 15 July in Bilbao with the BIA Prize, the highest honor granted by the architects of Biscay

Argentine architect Cesar Pelli will receive, next July 15 in Bilbao, the BIA Prize. This award is granted by the Architects Association in Bizkaia. The award honours a professional for his special contribution to the urban regeneration of Bilbao. Two years ago the first edition of this award was given to British Architect Sir Norman Foster. This edition the award recognizes the work of Cesar Pelli in planning the Abandoibarra area, crowned with the Iberdrola Tower, the skyscraper of 165 meters, the new financial and business icon of the city.

Manuela Gatto, Joan Busquets, Rinio Bruttomesso and Rita Justesen will take part in the BIA Forum Congress

Prestigious architects and urbanists will participate in Bilbao in Congress BIA Waterfronts. This Congress will take place on 14 and July 15. At the congress there will be a debate on new scenarios around water. Some of the participants are: Manuela Gatto, who worked with the renowned Zaha Hadid in the Zorrozaurre project; Joan Busquets, professor at Harvard University, protagonist in the urban transformation of Olympic Barcelona ; Rita Justesen, from the office planning Copenhagen; and Rinio Bruttomesso, vice president and scientific director of RETE, an international association for collaboration between ports and cities.



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