Exhibition: Architecture of Bizkaia


From 8th to 28th September
BILBAO METRO stations:

  • SAN MAMÉS – Sabino Arana
  • INDAUTXU – Urkijo
  • MOYUA – Plaza Moyúa
  • ABANDO – Gran Vía
  • CASCO VIEJO – San Nikolas


21st Century Architecture of Bizkaia

The exhibition aims to portray the situation of architecture created in the province of Bizkaia by professionals and local businesses during the early years of this century.

The photograph taken, through the choice of works, shows the spectator professionals with remarkable and established careers alongside other emerging artists whose work demands a leading role in the current situation of the architecture of Bizkaia.

In addition, without denying the importance of metropolitan Bilbao as a cornerstone and epicentre of activity in the province, the range of works extends across the whole of Bizkaia. Therefore, it includes works developed in very different contexts, where rural and small and medium-scale environments share the stage with the urban environment.

In any case, the architectural landscape is drawn in the face of DIALOGUE, understood as an essential tool of architecture in its relationship with the context and narrative element of the exhibition, displayed here in different aspects and examples, where, due to their quality, the results obtained contribute to successfully modelling the new landscape of the present and future Bizkaia.